(Expired) Oct 2021 - PhD position - Robot Learning for Mobile Manipulation

Topic: Reinforcement learning and robotic manipulation for a Boston Dynamics Spot robot with a Spot arm

The Robot Learning research group is seeking a talented PhD student with strong interest in Robot Learning to develop methods for mobile manipulation on real robots such as our Boston Dynamics Spot robot with a Spot arm. The developed methods may be based on reinforcement learning, planning under uncertainty, or imitation learning. The goal is to allow robots to operate in unstructured partially observable real-world environments such as those found in construction or households where the environments change and are not fully known beforehand.

🎓 Supervisor: Joni Pajarinen
📍 Aalto University, Finland
⚡️ Starting Salary: 2500 EUR/month
⏳ Deadline: 24 Oct 2021
👉 Link to Application