May 2022 - Master's Thesis - Learning how to drive in CARLA

Topic: Learning how to drive in CARLA

The Robot Learning and Deep Learning groups (led by Prof. Joni Pajarinen and Prof. Alexander Ilin) are seeking a talented student to write a Master’s thesis in the area of machine learning for autonomous driving. In this project, we will learn how to drive in the CARLA simulator (, we will explore the limitations of the current state-of-the-art (see, e.g., [1]) and develop new learning algorithms. The developed methods may be based on object-centric unsupervised learning [2], reinforcement learning, planning under uncertainty, or multi-agent reinforcement learning [3]. The ultimate goal is to learn driving policies which are capable of handling events that happen rarely in real life.

[1] Chen and Kähenbühl. Learning from all vehicles, CVPR 2022.
[2] Kipf et al. Conditional Object-Centric Learning from Video, ICLR 2022.
[3] Strouse et al. Collaborating with Humans without Human Data, NeurIPS 2021.

🎓 Supervisors: Joni Pajarinen, Alexander Ilin
📍 Aalto University, Finland
⚡️ Salary: 2335 EUR/month
⏳ Deadline: 14 June 2022